Day 9: Honeymoon in Chile

Today was a little bit of an adventure as well.  The Mitico boat had to get us to the ferry and they got us there at 8:45am.  The first boat left there at 8:15am so we were not able to get on that one.  The second boat would not leave the ferry port to get back to the other ferrry port we needed to get to, to get back to Puerto Varas until 12:00.  We had a longer wait than both of us wanted.

Once the ferry finally showed up it could not make it to the port because the current in the lake was so strong from all of the rain that they had recently had.  We were getting a bit worried but then the Mitico boat ended up tethering itself to the ferry to get in docked.  We finally got on the ferry and back over to the main land to make our way back to Puerto Varas.  

On our way back we had to drive through Cochamo, Chile and it was so beautiful that we just decided to find a hostel there and stay for a couple of nights before we made our way all the way back to Puerto Varas.  It paid off too becuase this was my favorite stop yet.  We stayed at a really cool and very clean Hostel called Patagonia Natique and the owner spoke english which made it a bit easier on us.  This was our favorite Hostel that we have stayed in and had by far the best views.  We had a great seafood dinner at La Ollita, a small but very good place to get a meal.  One of only a few places in Cochamo.

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