A Montage Of My Life.

 I’ve decided to start writing about the events that have happened and that are currently happening in my life because I don’t know what the fuck to do with my life and because I got the inspiration from a movie I saw in Netflix, it sounds like a cliché but oh well…

welcome to my sucky ass journal.

Ill start of first by introducing myself and a quick recap of the past. My name is…..and I am a senior at a high school made specially for teen fuckups or just weirdos that don’t seem to fit in at a regular high school. I fall into the fuck up category. I landed a spot on that school because I made some “Bad decisions”….honestly they were not that bad as older people or people I don’t know make it seem, it was just smoking weed and other drug sustenance’s and partying, not like I was an addict. I moved back from Atlanta Georgia my sophomore year in high school, that’s when all the fun stuff started happening. I met some new friends and we clicked, we became a little group that always had fun, literally. We would party every weekend and Id probably get high every day, I wouldn’t have to pay for the weed or to have a good time so I thought, why the fuck not. Id rarely be at school. You could find me with my “friends” and some older guys, smoking and drinking, until it was time to go home. My friends and I would get high in my room, and honestly, those were some good times, but fun can only last so long.. especially in this fucked up world. So Junior year came and I probably had less credits than a sophomore, that’s when a lady that calls herself a councilor at the school recommended a school, I knew she was just trying to get rid of me because bad students like me bring up bad news for schools. I could care less because I knew her intentions. I later then told my dad about it and he literally signed me out of the school the next day, my total reaction to his actions was literally ” what the fuck”, but on the bright side I got a car, which I find crazy because he caught me smoking weed the day before. I ended moving to the school and decided to make myself a new reputation, which is kind of like a new person hidden from the real me. so far my teacher’s still think I’m this girl who is a good, preppy and stupid at times. I get along with all of them for my benefits because it takes you a far way. I no longer smoke weed, due to the fact that I have a very opinionated and snitch sister. I stopped partying because I am caged out by my father, not literally but he has his rules. Well that’s a quick recap of my quick past and to part two.

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