I had a dream that my mom, an aunt, and I were going to banff for some school celebration where they were having turkey which I’m guessing was some sort of Christmas  gathering. I was always behind rushing to keep up with them and in the process when I went to drive and park for some reason it got on my head that I had lost my backpack which was very important to me and the centre of my whole dream on how and where to get it back. There was a place where people where picking up their backpacks and I was there a long time looking for it. A girl from work that I haven’t seen in months was there too looking. So anyways I go to the place with my mom and aunt and I tell them I lost it and it must be on the road or maybe still in my car. There was construction on the road that I had to drive and it was scary because I couldn’t see very well since it was dark and the lanes went a weird way and I ended up going in the oncoming lane but nothing happened. I was so sure I had dropped it there for some reason. So my dream ended up me leaving and going to look for my backpack which was a long walk since I was going to a parking spot far away and the highway road. I think that was me thinking about me moving to university and leaving home to go to school. Really weird. My bf was not in it. 

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