Jan. 3. 2018

I just went over my finances. I am $1005 over due on bills. That’s frusterating. The only thing now making me feel completly stressed out, is the fact that this isn’t due to me over spending. It is simply due to lack of income. I guess this is the draw back of having divided finances with a spouse. My trouble, my situation to get out of it seems. Not like my husband doesn’t have his own issues either financally. Everything will sort itself out. I will start getting money coming in, and I will beable to pay everything off…slowly.. but it will happen! It always works out. Nothing Major is over due.. except Hydro. $330! BUT my insurances are being paid and so are car payments. BARLEY! Nothing will be repo’d. Do they even Repo things over here. hmmm.. I don’t want to find out. I see that shit on TV programs and I freak out. Maybe that only happens in the states? *Shrug*

Good News! Our toilet has thawed! And so has our Kitchen sink…well…the cold water is working but not the hot water. but blessings are blessings.

I cleaned 3 houses today. Nothing crazy. Tomorrow is a busy day! But I am excited to have work.

MY MOTHER IN LAW CAME OVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA I knew it! I knew she would visit when the roommate left. Good news is, she brought chocolate. Mmmm…Ferrerio Rouchiers! My favorite!

Well, I guess I will gladly subject myself to some more episodes of Little House before bed.

2 thoughts on “Jan. 3. 2018”

  1. Congrats on the thawed toilet lol! We have had really cold weather here as well since around Christmas. Our pipes partially froze on Sunday, luckily they thawed quickly.
    Hope you have a good rest of the week with lots of work coming in.

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