New Year

Salaam.  Peace be upon you.

I managed to get ahold of someone at the apartment complex on Tuesday; January  2nd 2018.  I had to call the Property Manger’s Office and informed the woman, Rhonda, that I was still interested in the 1-bedroom apartment that was available.  She asked if it was the one in Logan and I said yes.  She then said that she would get the application started.   My caseworker messaged me and told me to let her know if the apartment complex needed anything from her before our visit on January 11th.  I had to get the number from the apartment complex’s facebook page in a message which I do not think they update very often.   But, now it is a waiting game.

I am sick and trying to get over a cold. I don’t have a fever or any pain in my chest, it’s just a harsh cough that I have had since Christmas 2017.  I am sleeping a lot and eating a lot of soup.  Last night we had meatloaf for dinner with noodles.  Tonight we’re having pot roast cooked in the crockpot, well that is how we tend to eat pot roast.   I am hoping that I get the apartment, otherwise I am not sure how long I will have to wait for another one to crop up.   I am doing a bit of research on furniture.  I plan on getting a futon to sleep on and use as a couch for the living room until I save up for a Queen-sized bed.   I have to get a dining table and chairs, a television stand, potentially a new computer, dishes and pots & pans.  I have some mugs so I won’t need those and of course my dog has his bed, a cage with a bed, a metal garbage can for food though I’ll have to get him dog food, and his toys.  

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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