Cruel Stepfather

So first off I’m going to write on here as if no one will ever read it and I’m going to write as my minds thoughts go. So if you don’t like grammar errors i would go else where.
So today is just like every other day. I have work at 4 and I’m relaxing till then. I get a text from my baby sister. Which clearly she isn’t a baby. She’s 14 yrs old and in her freshman year. But when you techniqually raise a sibling they’ll always be your baby. So I get screenshot she sent me from her and her dad texting. We have different fathers just to inform you. So my sister for the past year has had lice and litterally infested. I have done her head over a dozen times and it never seems to go away. And before you start judging my sister is not dirty and nor is my family. But my sister is extremely neglected by our mother and her father. So they will bitch and complain about her having lice but will do absolutely nothing about it because they know if they won’t do it I will. So back to the text, so a month ago my sister started getting a rash to the point where she is scratching so hard she’s bruising her skin badly. So her father let’s just pretend his name is Jacob. Jacob is this big time business agent and makes big bucks hangs out with all the politicians and thinks his shit don’t stink and is a terrible human being that no one truly knows or believes how he is behind closed doors and how he treats his family. He’s a very cruel man that verbally abuses us and physically abuses our mother. So he texts my sister saying he finally made her a dermatologist appt for her skin. Thankgod which I am happy about…. but what about the lice infestation. This man makes extremely good money and tehniqually my sister should be living in a mansion but he rather go out and spend all his money on whores, alcohol, drugs, and trips. So I gave my stepdad a number a while back for a doctor that can get rid of all the lice. I tried so many times and its so bad I can’t get rid of it and it breaks my heart that my poor little sister is in agony over the lice that is eating at her head. The problem is he neglects her he doesn’t bother with her unless he’s saying mean cruel things to her. It costs 200$ for this lice doctor to get rid of it. 200$ is chump change to my stepdad but it would leave me not even able to feed myself so i haven’t been able to pay for it myself! Or I would. Regardless he’s her father he’s a piece of shit he should atleast give 200$ up for his daughter and make the appt… if I was capable of doing it myself I would. I beat myself up a lot over this because I feel like I just don’t do enough for my sister. But I do, do all that can for her but I just don’t have the money to be able too. It breaks my heart. My sister doesn’t deserve this. I wish I could get her away from them entirely but I can’t and I hate myself for it. This little girl is exactly me when I was her age and I know everything that she’s going threw and it hurts that I can’t do anything about it. My next post will most likely be about my mother… EDIT: POST IS FROM JANUARY 3rd DIDNT POST THAT DAY 

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  1. I’m so sorry! Lice sucks! My mom wasn’t neglectful she just couldn’t see the bugs and nits in my hair when I had it. I literally thought I would have lice forever until finally I was able to get rid of it by myself. My sister has had it like 4 times (she’s 14 too) and every time I’ll get it out within a few hours and my mom is just so grateful. I hope she gets help soon!!

  2. How did you get rid of it yourself??? I feel like I try so hard and it never goes away. Thankyou!!!

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