11:36 pm

my mind & body are so completely exhausted. that 7 hour shift killed me, we were actually busy and it was hell. A told me that we didn’t have swim lessons, turns out we did! we were crazy busy after that, up until an hour before closing. man, being a lifeguard is really rough sometimes, standing and pacing for hours on end and making sure no one drowns or chokes out their little brother. and yes, kids do that. quite often actually, it’s like a daily occurrence at this point.

i’m too tired to even do my nightly yoga. my head hurts too badly to do anything but lay down, and same goes for my body. i just can’t shake this cold. i’ve had it for about a week now and it’s slowly killing me. might as well go to bed early so i can wake up early to do my yoga & work out! hopefully i can fall asleep with this pounding headache. 

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