Day 1

So today was my official first day on the turbo week. Basically I ate every two and a half hours. I woke up early today and luckily found some carrots and a bag of frozen sugar snap peas to prep for my veggie servings. Eating every two and a half hours definitely made me feel full throughout the day, which is good because that was one of my biggest concerns. I just ate dinner (545pm) so we will see if I feel satisfied for the rest of the night.

This morning I also took my starting weight and measurements. Also took before photos to look back on.


Food review:

Breakfast: granola cereal. This was something I would not have chosen initially because I’m not a big cereal person and we rarely have milk in the house. However, it was delicious! Super crunchy and sweet. Would be nice if the portion size was a bit bigger but still felt okay.

Morning snack: chocolate shake flavored turbo shake. For being mixed with water, it still was super chocolatey. It was not super chalky. Definitely liked.

Lunch: ham and bean soup. This is something I originally would have ordered. However, I am changing my preference for next order because it was gross! Ham pieces were very tough and hard. Bean flavor was super overwhelming. Basically had to chase it with veggies.

Afternoon snack: chocolate peanut butter protein bar. Honestly tastes like your typical protein bar. Kinda of chalky but decent flavor. Would eat again.

Dinner: mac and cheese with turkey sausage. BEST THING I ATE TODAY! Decent portion size, especially with two servings of veggies added. Lots of noodles, cheese flavor does not taste super artificial, turkey sausage has good flavor and texture and not over powering.


Overall it was a good first day. Excited to see how the rest of the week goes.

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