A lot of time has passed since I’ve had a journal. Every time I’ve had one I sometimes want it public for unbiased opinions. My family or friends would snoop and find it and it ended up being used against me in arguments. It would end up upsetting people to read my opinions, feelings, and thoughts as if I were not allowed to have them. This time I don’t care and I used to. This is mine and no one else can tell me what to say or how to feel. They don’t own me. 

We will start with work…i love what I do, but I think I feel a little burnt out with it all. I’ve had a rough couple of years emotionally and I feel tired. I’m starting to regain some mementum again though. I think this year will be a better year. 

My mom has dementia and of course will not get better. I can’t do anything about that now but just deal with it and be sad. 

More tomorrow… I need rest. 

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