[163] ~*Thu – 01/11/18*~

[10:36 am]

I was so tired last night that when I went to bed at midnight I just wanted to sleep. I didn’t even have the energy to play my game or read. That said, I went to bed and took my pill right away and tried to sleep. Do you think I could sleep?! Nope! Prob took my about an hour before I finally did fall asleep. I hate how it’s when I’m super tired that I seem to have the hardest time to fall asleep. I could of read to try to get me to sleep but I felt too tired to do so, yet I couldn’t fall asleep. I guess my mind was still going even thought my body was tired. I kept thinking about my hair and other stuff. 

Brother-in-law slept here last night cause when he went to their house, some pipes have burst while we had the cold temperature so it was sorta a mess in there so he came to sleep here as he shut down the water. I was very worried that this would of happened. I kept telling hub that I didn’t understand why his sister never gave us a key to the house to go check on it. It was very cold last week and a lot of places had trouble with pipes so I just had a feeling it had happened to her home as well as it’s an older home. Sadly, it did. I think it’s not too too bad but the floor in the living room was wet and the basement is all wet. Brother-in-law is currently trying to clean the mess.

We had met him at the Casino for super and he was talking about wanting to come over to play some games and well, he had decided to go home to get some work done as they are trying to renovate the house a bit before putting it on the market. In the end, he did end up coming here. Poor thing! I didn’t play any games as I needed to sleep but him and hub did for a few hours. Also, when I was in line yesterday to buy my buffet, a man just randomly gave me a coupon for a free buffet. That was very kind.

I’ve texted my hairdresser first thing this morning asking her about my hair. I really hate how I am but I just had to. I want it fix and not. I’m telling myself that I need to suck it up for the next two months and I’ll try something different the next time but gaw, it’s just driving me crazy. I know the pinkish side will become purpleish after a few wash but I just can’t seem to wait for that. I guess I shall wait and see what she says. I asked her if she had something around a magenta color in the ones she put in my hair as I think that color could be alright with the mix, I just don’t know if it’s gonna take or not. Getting a mix of colors in your hair can be a darn pain in the ass when you’re ME. 

Anyways, I had about half an hour before my next client so I had decided to come home and my alarm just went off so I need to get back to work. I’ve received a confirmation that my purse was shipped today. Woohoo! Can’t wait to receive it. I just hope I won’t be disappointed. I just don’t understand why I’m never happy with the things I get. Bleh! I’m also wondering about the shower curtain I had ordered for my friend and had shipped to her place. I never told her about it and it’s been like a bit more than a month so I’m wondering if she received something and threw it out and what is going on. I’ve never took a tracking on it so I’m not sure where it’s at. I guess I’ll have to talk to her about it today so I can figure things out and write an email to the person who shipped it to see what’s going on as it’s been more than a month. I know it was Xmas but still.

Alright, back to work I go.




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