Day 9

So today was my first day at the gym to work out. I ended up downloading an app called Aaptiv which has programmed audio workouts to use. I used a beginner elliptical program for 28 min. The app has voice-overs from trainers telling you when to pick up the pace, increase the incline or resistance, etc. It also provides music to go along with it. My program today had a mix of Pitbull and Kesha songs so definitely was up beat. Other than that, it was a pretty lazy Saturday. I am going to the movies tonight for the first time since starting the Nutrisystem program so I made sure to eat dinner & my evening snack already so I would not be hungry & tempted at the theater to get popcorn. I can have three extras per day and an extra is considered 1 cup of popcorn. I have no extras used today so I could pop some at home and bring up to 3 cups of popcorn to the theater but not sure if I want to tack on the extra calories. 



-Yesterday’s evening snack: Chocolate Stuffed Pie. Decent portion size, definitely a good amount of chocolate filling. But overall, kind of bland. The outer crust was not very flavorful and the chocolate filling just had a hint of chocolate. I was really excited about this item and depending on how my other items turn out, I might not order this again.

-Breakfast: Today was my breakfast flex meal for the week. I ate a slice of wheat bread (toasted), one egg scrambled, and a slice of cheese and just ate it like a sandwich.

-AM Snack: 2 tablespoons of peanuts. Not very filling but I didn’t really care considering I knew I was going to be eating in another 2 hours or so.

-Lunch: Chicken Mozzarella melt with two servings of vegetables. I chose to cook this in the oven since I was in no rush. I cooked it for the whole time suggested and it was still cold in the middle so I had to microwave the rest. Decent portion size and it was similar to a Hot Pocket. The outside crust was super flavorful. There was a lot of sauce & cheese but definitely not enough chicken. I would have ordered this before & would order it again.

-PM Snack: 1 slice of wheat toast with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 

-Dinner: Chicken Parmesan and two servings of vegetables. This was your typical chicken parm. Breaded chicken breast served with spaghetti. Honestly tasted the same as Healthy Choice’s version. I would have ordered this originally but depending on the other dinner entrees, might not order it again.

-Evening Snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie. This comes frozen and the only directions is to thaw before eating. I don’t know if I just did not let it thaw enough or what, but man the taste of this brownie was super disappointing. It was a very generous portion size so that is good. But the brownie was dry, little to no peanut butter taste and the chocolate had a weird taste I just could not pin point. I would have ordered this originally but as previously stated, depending on the other snacks, might not order it again.


I was kind of hungry throughout the day but I attribute it to laying around & wanting to snack, not actual hunger. 

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