Jan. 14 2018

So that’s it. I left the cleaning company with my friend. I feel weird about it. In another way I feel relieved. That was just way too much to handle. Quite frankly I just wasn’t prepared to dish out the energy and go head to head with her. With the manager that is. I did however warn my friend, told her why exactly I was leaving. Told her that the other employees know about her behaviour. I told my friend that if she suddenly has everyone quitting now she knows why. But again, she is so on “team-manager” that she may not have even choose to hear it. Her problem now. 


So I guess I am going head first into the Job agency. *does sign of the cross*. May this adventure be as fruitful as G makes it out to be. I am in the calm before the storm. I don’t know if you all have seen Twister the movie. But- when they are all huddled around looking at the sky change colours. And they say “Its going green” (Whitch means a tornado is coming). That’s where I am at right now. 

Apparently I will be working long hours, in lots of different feilds of work. Mainly construction. I will get lots of hands on training, meet a lot of new contacts, possible friends…and be booked for work up the ass. I will make a good sum of money. With taxes taken off…and I will make a name for myself. So I am excited. A little nervous because it is outside of my comfort zone…but excited…maybe just maybe I won’t have to file for bankruptcy. 

I go in on Monday to do the paper work and ethics test…fingers crossed. Here goes…something. 

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