6th Grade continued

Ello peppl im back, i was re reading my other journal (also if you havent read it yet you will be completly lost so i suggest that) and thats when i relized grammer mistakes so im sorry. Also i relized i right hella good 😀 (i am such a bragger i swear im more modest in the real world) so…. comment if you agree and gimmie ur email if your someone who can help me publish. OK im done obessing over myself. God im so tired right now im listening to the pulse and im rethinking my life choices. Today a new girl Ally started Even Shafer’s girl friend (even shafer is the most popular boy) oof Aliyah and i want to befriend her but we cant, shes already a popular -_-.  I only have old anecdotes from my schools before so ima just stop here. I know this one was short but who is keeping track…. (i am) soooooo little white girl is out BYEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee (thats a disclaimer… thanks liza(you should check out her youtube chanel))

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