01/24/18 — Guys Are Weird

Okay. Mohammad is mad at me now because I teased him and he took it serious. I was teasing him about his favorite character in Kill la Kill and he is SUPER pissed. I swear. This is an obsession that he has taken too far. No girl is ever going to make him happy because he will constantly compare them to this girl in his anime and they will never compete because she’s fictional and not a real person. I swear… 

I’ve had some interesting conversations with Robert today, and I’m enjoying talking to him again. We’re starting to open up again to each other and are talking about things that I typically don’t talk about. I think that we are going to be good friends again, and I’m super looking forward to that. I’m also super looking forward to my date on Friday night with Gary, the super adult. We are going for ramen, and we’ve been talking somewhat this week (he’s a very busy person) and that’s been fun. I’ve also been talking to this other guy, Armando, who only snapchats me when he’s horny. Which, I’m not complaining, cause he makes me feel wanted and knows what to say to turn me on. But I’d like to get to know him, maybe just a little before I let him put it in me? Just a little bit?! Is that so much to ask!? Anyway. I’m tired. The girls had one last practice tonight before competition on Saturday and we are having trouble with the pirate dance and keeping the girls in character. I think I’m gonna lay down now. 

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