Day 21

I cannot even describe how difficult it was to avoid the taco bar at work today. Of course, I was mandated to sit at the table closest to the food. When I was able, I grabbed my food and went out to a different area to stay away from temptation. It did not help that I am stuck with some of the worst food items left in this month. So instead of having delicious soft tacos and rice, I had a meal replacement bar and two veggies. But, I am super proud of my will power because it was a lot tougher than I imagined. I just hope me not going to the gym the last few days does not hinder my weigh-in.



-Breakfast: Cinnamon bun bar (nutrisystem), low fat milk (power fuel) and sugar free chocolate syrup (extra). This bar was very small but my goodness, it was the most flavorful bar I have had. Tasted just like a cinnamon bun. Only reason why I would not order it again is because of the value perception.

-AM Snack: Unsalted dry roasted peanuts (power fuel)

-Lunch: Chocolate peanut butter bar (Nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. It was a larger bar than breakfast but was exactly what I expected out of a meal replacement bar. Not bad, but nothing really stood out. I would not order this again due to value perception.

-PM Snack: Banana (smart carb) and 1 table spoon of peanut butter (power fuel). I actually really enjoyed cutting the banana into small pieces and putting peanut butter on top. I might do this again (if the bananas don’t go bad quickly).

-Dinner: Italian herb flat bread pizza (nutrisystem). I have had this before and it is okay. I have 2 coming in the next order.

-Evening snack: Chocolate brownie sundae cup (nutrisystem). This was chocolate ice cream, with chocolate swirls and brownie pieces. Value perception looking at the package does not seem like a lot but it is good enough when actually eating it (colder foods make you eat slower). The flavor of all of the components were so good. I only have one in my next order but the following month I made need to have more. 


Nervous to see the weigh-in tomorrow!

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