[177] ~*Sat – 01/27/18*~

[8:53 am]

I am so very tired and I honestly don’t know what to do about it anymore. I slept until almost noon yesterday, had one client and I was as tired as if I had just done a 12 hours shift. I went in the tub a lil before 7 pm and sorta fell asleep in there. Hub woke me up when he called around 7:30 and I stayed in the tub until 8 pm cause I was just too tired to even get out of there. After I tried to watch some shows on the PC but it kept acting up so at 9 pm I gave up and went to bed. I read for maybe five mins and realized I was too tired to read so I decided to finish the show I was watching on the PC on my phone and watched a second one which I think I had my eyes closed most of it. That said, those two shows took about 30 mins together so it was about 10 pm when it finished and I was too tired to turn off the phone or even get the earbuds out of my ears and I just slept. I woke up at 11:49 pm to put my stuff away, take my pill and sleep. So really, I had like 10 hrs sleep and I still feel so freaking exhausted. My hair needed some straightening this morning and I didn’t even bother so that’s bad as I rarely let myself out the house without making sure my hair looks good. 

I’m currently sitting in my car waiting for the windshield to unfreeze and I just don’t want to be going anywhere. It’s even worse cause I know I won’t have time to nap between my clients so I’m crying inside. Blah!

I should really try to start taking my B12 again to see if it helps. I know I keep talking about it but I never do it. I just need to find something cause this is hell.




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  1. I have struggled with a good sleeping pattern for years and know how horrible it can make you feel as you go about your daily business .. I don’t know if it will help with your sleep pattern but maybe try ditching all electronic devices an hour or so before bed, create yourself a calming routine instead such as a warm bath and good book are great ideas .. professionals recommend keeping a sleep diary if this is a constant struggle, not that I do this but I hope you feel much better soon.

  2. @ Reflective_Echo; Thanks for the comment and suggestions, I appreciate you trying to help. I do take a bath most nights before bed and read a book for almost an hour but it’s not really helping. I’ve been taking sleeping pill for a few years which helps but I’m still having troubles. It’s not with the falling asleep, it’s with the staying asleep as I wake up every 20 mins or so if I don’t take a sleeping pill. The pill helps with the waking up but I still don’t really feel rested when I wake up in the morning. Sleep should be the easiest thing to do but yet it seems to be a struggle for many people.

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