wow I’m feeling so fucking numb.. the mrs wanted me to be more open and talk to her more about someone from my past and now I’m feeling even more numb.. the past hurt like a bitch so to be honest I’m pretty glad that I can’t feel hardly anything.. I guess I’m kind of lucky not being able to feel.. I haven’t written in a few days becuase I’ve been trying to figure other people’s heads out including a close friend Shaz.. she’s got issues deeper than I thought and never realised until we was talking and things get said and it hits me. I can’t fix everything but it’s defo not going to stop me from trying, it’s so fucking frustrating if I can’t do something! Had my mental health appointment today and they told me with being a sociopath, my relationship isn’t going to last and I’m basically going nowhere in life ;/ nice one pal!

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