I am so lonely without Ian. We felt so perfect together. We have so much in common but he doesn’t want me. I guess I’m just to fat, ugly and repulsive for any man to want. I didn’t even realize how lonely I was until I spent last week with Ian. He’s back on AFF as we speak looking for someone new. I want him back so bad I can’t see straight but he doesn’t want me. I wish I could find a good looking man, a tall man, who wants to be with me and me alone. Even Wesley cheated on me. I guess I’m just too repulsive for any man to want me.

2 thoughts on “lonely”

  1. You are absolutely beautiful and when the time is right a man will treat you right the way a lady deserves to me treated never feel unlovable for those men never saw your worth and its there loss not yours You are like a gold bad-ass sword in a field of bronze spoons
    (Haha thanks for commenting on my thingy)

  2. you don’t need a mans love to be happy. Happiness is within.
    If a guy doesn’t truly love you for you do you think he honestly loves you at all?
    You’re beautiful and I’m sure you’re a smart girl,but maybe you should raise your standards a bit

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