Confessions of a Risin’ Star

(My living room, filled, yet empty…)

The current distaste, amid this so called ‘palate for life’ stems not from a lack of romance, sex, and attraction…Just too much of a glimpse of what the universe has given me…

Lately, it’s been so much so, that in order to wean away the intense overwhelming of so much “mingling’, I’ve had to purposefully dictate a distance for myself from many, who have made it very clear, that they want more of…me.

The problem for, me, is that the ones lately are either not someone I really enjoy spending extensive time with (ie. not someone to have long intelligent or enlightening conversations with, of pleasant vibes, my type of ‘muse-worthy’, or has enough or more money than me, etc.). Plus, a lot of them are (or seem) taken (which has it’s good sides), but ultimately it can complicate things (unless you’re just savage about it…he-he).

It’s kind of crazy because people like me are already jaded; the success of so much being available to you, just makes such, even more intense & even more, complicated. Mash that with boredom & you get…power…


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