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 I cant help wonder should I keep giving him the cold shoulder.  When I give him the cold shoulder he’s more attentive and loving.  I even get more sex.  I’m afraid if I keep giving him the cold shoulder he’ll leave me.  I figure I’ve only got 2 weeks before I lose him anyway.  He’s staying with me because last week he didn’t work and wont get a paycheck this week and won’t be able to pay for the room he’s renting.  He’s moving back around the 3rd of March and he wants me to move over there with him but in different rooms.  I can’t help but think he wants to make sure I’m not screwing around with someone else.  I’m afraid that I’ll catch him screwing around.  He keeps telling me he’s not looking but then again there’s the bitch.  There’s no chatter to indicate that he wants to be with her other than she sent him a pic and he replied “nice”.  Other wise it’s just chatter over him being sick and missing work and whether he’s watching the Olympics hockey.  I want to trust him, I really do but damn.  He’s always kept his promises and never steered me wrong.   Anybody got any ideas on how I need to deal with this to keep him in my live?

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