Near miss donut catastrophe

haha, I’m still chuckling. I met my wife earlier to get the kids and ya’ll know that I snuck in a glimpse of her. Dang, she is pretty. She had a car load of donuts to deliver and when she left the back hatch of her car was still open. I hollered for her to stop so that my son could shut it for her. She is so adorable. She almost left the city of Mattoon littered with Krispy Kreme. I chuckle when I think about it. That really brightened my day. She is just the cutest. I am not supposed to talk to her……….  does hollering to get her attention count??  I mean, c’mon…..  we avoided a donut catastrophe. I took the kids to see a new movie called 15:17 to Paris. It was kinda slow/boring but it was semi Christian movie. Later we went to church and got to hear an awesome testimony by a guy who had his leg ran over by a train. He spoke about the true riches on this earth. Our spouse, children, family, friends, fellow Christians, health etc. Life is way to short for quarrels with our fellow man. I can attest to the importance of letting Love prevail. It is so satisfying to be in a house of worship with fellow believers. I am excited to see what God is doing in my life. I can see my future so clear now. It’s not fuzzy or blurry. The blinders that the enemy tried to use for my defeat and destruction have been removed. I will praise God in this valley. I will turn ashes into something beautiful. What the enemy had intended for my demise will instead be used for God’s glory!!!!  I can see a future with my family standing around the cross in unity working towards one common goal. I can see my wife and I raising up our children into Christ-centered maturity. My priority is to have my children grow up to be power houses for the kingdom even if I have to carry them through difficult times. I am so excited because my daughter got to help in the nursery tonight. She was GLOWING when I went back to get her after church. It is so rewarding as a parent to have children wanting to be servants. I am on cloud nine right now. God is revealing to me that my life is not over. My mistakes are not who I am. I have a clean slate and am covered by the blood. Happy dance!!!   I am not defined by my past. Looking forward…. not looking back. 

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