2/21/18 — omg i went on a date!

So it was kinda last minute planning, but Krystal invited me to go eat out with her family to one of the buffet restaurants in town, Ocean Star. I was so excited! I hurried up, took a shower, got dressed, sprayed some cologne on and ran out the door. I tried getting there as quickly as possible. It was me, his cousin, her aunt (who I think she told me is lesbian), and another older lady (not sure her relation to them).

The food was pretty good. I ate mostly simple stuff, like chicken wings, a couple slices of pizza, some teriyaki chicken, and some fried fish. Oh, and I ate some ice cream. I couldn’t eat too much, because I was having some stomach pains before I got there.

I took a picture of the two of us in Ocean Star and posted it on snapchat. Kyle was going to eventually see it, but honestly, I can’t let one person like him dictate how to live my life.


Krystal’s aunt let me go to her house with them for a little while. And it was AWESOME. Me, Krystal, and her cousin Lyssa plaid a game of hang-man. Weird but it passed the time and it was pretty fun. We kept touching each other though xD like we rubbed up on each other, made out quite a lot, she started giving me wet kisses on my neck, and she had me return the favor. While Lyssa was on the phone with someone, me and Krystal kept fooling around.

We took turns rubbing each other’s dicks through our shorts…she even went as far as to suck on it for a tiny bit. She looked impressed and couldn’t stop smiling. That definitely boosted my ego. My self-confidence sky-rocketed! Se laid down on the couch and I gave her a full body massage, from his shoulders, down his back, to his ass and legs. I paid special attention to her butt cheeks. She turned over, and said in a cute demanding voice to get the front side now. Which I did. And I jerked him off under his shorts for a little bit. He was loving it. (honestly, keeping up with calling Krystal she and her is so difficult considering I’m talking about playing with her dick)

I’m home now. I really need to invite Krystal over to my place soon. I’m horny as fuck now. So, Kyle saw the picture of us on snapchat. Me and him, we’re done. He of course didn’t like it. I can understand but like, me dating someone should not have any affect on his life like this. I’m just trying to be happy. Blocking him after I post this. I’m not going to be the one getting blocked.

Tomorrow Krystal and I are going to the Main Street Lounge again. Can’t wait to see her!

Goodnight, journal.
11:18 PM


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