[203.1] ~*Thu – 02/22/18*~

[11:05 pm]

Goodness! I just started looking at pictures of back decks and gazebos and here we are half an hour later. I’m like so pumped about getting a new deck, I have so many ideas. Building a deck is kinda tricky because we have a four split house and I don’t want to build the deck in front of the semi-basement windows and I can’t build much on the other side cause of where the baby barn is situated. That said, it’s hard to vision what I would want because of the way I’d have to build. I always wanted a gazebo but like I said, with how I want to build out, it would kinda be in the middle of nowhere. So I started thinking about building one in front of the house. What?! You don’t really see people build stuff like that in the front of their houses but what if it’s what I’d do?! I wonder if I could make it work. The yard in front of the house is way bigger than the back yard and it would take some room which means, less mowing for me. That sounds like a good idea. Haha! I need to stop looking at these pictures cause I want what I have in my head so bad but I can only imagine how much it would cost so blah. If only I could really trust my dad-in-law to build what I want, I wouldn’t have to pay for it. Arg! Well, it’s still winter so I still have time, I can always try to show him what I’d want and see what he says. Maybe he’d give us the money to hire someone to build what I want. Hehe! Man, I don’t know why but I feel so excited right now. I think a gazebo could totally work in the front yard. I said, I think. I wish there was a way to see it before making it cause in my head it totally works but in real, could be a whole other story.

Okay, I need to stop thinking about decks and gazebos. I didn’t even finish my episode of Desperate Housewives. I was thinking about decks in the back of my head so I had to pause it and go do some research. I have like nine mins left but I want to call my mom first.

At least I’m in a good mood right now, that’s always a plus. Let’s hope I can remain this way for a few days. Go me!




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