He just went to sleep.   Usually when he does that especially in the late afternoon he’s out til 10 or 11 o’clock and up the rest of the night.   Which means no sex and he’s going to be in a foul mood.   No sex again tonight.  Ought to call the cops and turn his ass in for the weed.   They probably won’t do anything over a couple of ounces.    Tuesday he only slept an hour and a half.  He could find himself out on his assistant tonight if I have my way.  Jeff just started texting me.  Maybe I can sneak out for a couple of hours and get it on with him since I know Ian isn’t going to be up for anything tonight. Ian woke up at  430 am and woke me up to boot.  He’s getting to take a nap and I don’t.  I’m an insomniac and can’t sleep without a sleep aid of some sort.  Asshole.  Anybody wanna do it for me?  I’ll give you the address.  Only problem is I’d get kicked out too.  It’d almost be worth it to put him in jail for the night.  Get him out of my hair.


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