My grace is sufficient for you

Isn’t God great?!?!  He uses the least of us to carry out his plan. He will let us try our own way. Then fail. Then turn to him. Only then can we really grasp his grace and power. Such a spectacular day today. In the service this morning the speaker said that we will always have naysayers. Especially from people that know our past. Only if they have Jesus dwelling w/in them will they know and appreciate the work that God has done in you. Don’t be worried about the doubters. Keep loving them and showing God’s great work in your life. I struggle with my past mistakes and what people think of me. I cannot change it. I can only move forward and grow in Christ. If there are people still judgmental of me then they will not see heaven unless they repent. I will be a witness to all. Not just people in my church, or my circle or my family. I will show the love of Christ to all. I have lacked bearing fruit in my adult life. I was an unhealthy tree. I am springing forth new branches and new leaves.  Tonight was an awesome testimony of a local man who was shot in the face by a shotgun when he was in 8th grade. It blinded him. His testimony of faith and the power and favor of God was amazing. It really blessed me. I know that the mountain that I am facing is small compared to what he faced. I am continuing to receive more and more positive reinforcing support from people(concerning my marriage and new journey).  I am becoming the man that my wife wants to fall in love with. I am becoming the man that my wife dreams about. I will be irresistible to her. I know that sounds absurd at this very moment but like I have said before. My faith must match my God and his promises.  I am not putting my God in a box. I am not believing for mediocre…….   I am believing for full restoration and then some!!! I am not just content w/ partial restoration. I want my marriage to be better than it has ever been. I can envision a marriage of “next level” type stuff. I mean….. the type of marriage where you feel on your honeymoon until you die. I know that I have the capability.  Does she??  I do not know that.  I can’t see her heart.  However, if her eyes are fixed upon the Lord and so are mine….. then we can be something amazing!!!  We cannot look unto each other. We must both look unto the Lord. Tonight, a friend just described it easy like a triangle. We both look up to one common point(God) then we will have a strong connection at our marriage level. I love it!!!  However, if either of use were to have broken focus it could spell disaster. We must take care of our own minds/souls/spirits first!!  We cannot allow to be bogged down or then we are not of any value to each other. I have seen it many times and obviously including my own marriage. I just hope that one day she sees how important my family is to me. i have no way really to convey that to her. I am relying solely on my heavenly father. He who can reveal things in the perfect way in his perfect timing. Thanks you Lord!!! I will forever be humble and thankful. Listening to one of my faves “Jesus, lamb of God, worthy is your name!!”

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