Sad Tonight

My sister’s son and his wife and two grand-girls live in a far northern state.  For some reason, the son and wife do not want my sister and her husband to visit the grandchildren.  It’s breaking their hearts.  And mine.  I was blessed to see my grandsons almost every day while they were growing up.  I still see them at LEAST once a week; they are older teens now.  I have thought of calling my nephew to try to find out what is the problem. But that seems too intrusive, invasive.  I think I need to stay out of it, except just pray.  I can do that, and I will.  The little girls are like 5 and 3.  The perfect age to enjoy.  Their mom seems to be the problem.  Not wanting the grandparents to come and not coming here to visit them.  It is so sad.  I will just have to pray a lot.  Anybody have any other ideas or comments?  I would love to hear comments.

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  1. Unfortunately if you ask the mother who probably is the problem about what’s going on it might make the mum more angry and make the situation worse, I don’t know. I think if you keep praying (and it might take just a bit of time) the answer might make itself known through somebody else or even the mother herself might explain why. One of my mother’s friends has two grandchildren that she is never allowed to see again and neither is their father because of the law and the pain caused by that one was unbelievable so things like this when you’re blocked from seeing your own family must just be so so awful I can’t even imagine as it hasnt ever happened to me. I pray the answer is revealed in time and somehow in time can be resolved because it doesn’t seem fair at all! *massive hugs to you* and I am so sorry this has happened! 🙁

  2. Thank you Rogue. You are right about the Mom. And your advice to pray is the very best advice there could be. Thanks for caring!

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