[212] ~*Sun – 03/04/18*~

[7:24 pm]

This is just too much. How unlucky a person can be?! How much can a person take?! I’ve just cried my whole way back home from work and I now have such a headache. I know my unluckiness is nothing major but it’s starting to add up and I’m starting to really wish this is gonna be my last year on this damn earth. It’s my Bday tomorrow, the age I always said I’d die at. Life surely isn’t getting any easier. Like I just said, it’s nothing major but faw, I can’t take much more. I’m still blessed with the life I’m living. I mean, I have a roof on my head and I have a job. A lot of people have it way worse but I’m still allowed to complain and feel like I feel.

So the whole reason for this is that today while at work, someone came inside to say they backed into my car. MY CAR!! I need to get the fender replaced. Not even just me, how much can this poor car take?! A few years ago someone backed into it while I was at the store working and I had to get a whole new trunk and bumper. I’ve got hit in the back like four times while being stopped at a red light or stop sign. I’ve just spent $3000 for it to pass the inspection and now this. My car is a 2007, I’m just scared it’s too old to be fix or something. I’m just trying so damn hard to keep this car running and there’s always something happening. I don’t know how much more I can take. My poor head!




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