sooooo, its about 9am here, yesterday was a day full of crap! for starters although i know that he wont text me i still waited for him to disappoint me and text me! Its funny that when u u want people to disappoint u they never do otherwise disappointment is all you get! on top of that i went with my mother to a dermatologist in hopes that we will find a way to fix the scars on my face fro stupid pimples, good thing is that we found a solution but it is so damn expensive like i think i would need to lose a kidney to do it! funny thing is that my father said he has no objections of me doing it, i guess they r so tired of looking upon my face although its not that bad i have seen many worse cases! i know i can just make do the treatment the doc suggested but because its very expensive and my exam results are coming out tomorrow i feel like i have to wait until they are out for if they are what i am expecting i will be able to do anything without thinking that i dont deserve it.  i have been struggling for the past 3 years from my pimples especially before u know that time of the month! it always made me feel inadequate in addition my parents constant worry and commenting about it, i mean come on just leave me and my ugly face alone! i guess they are just afraid i wont get married and they will be stuck with me for the end of eternity.  am i ever gonna get rid of my pimples? am i ever gonna be 100% confident about my appearance? is it normal for me to wait for my results to take such a decision? this is just tiring, thinking of all this/ although it might sound very simple but it is at least not to me! pimple are my nightmare… and my results are my second nightmare for my parents care too much about them!

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