All Stirred Up

I just emailed a poem I had written to my “mentor” Woody, a man in his eighties.  He wrote back that he didn’t like the poem; then he suggested about 12 changes I should make.  The nerve!  It is a good poem —one of my best.  You all will not believe what I did.  I wrote him back and said “I regretted casting my pearls before—you know. ” That’s exactly how I said it. Then I said I am indignant.  I am not over-confident about my writing, to start with.  I tend to down-play it.  But THIS poem was really good.  And it was about my Grandmother who was so kind to me.  That made me more sensitive to criticism.  My heart was in this poem.  Oh, well. Thoughts?

One thought on “All Stirred Up”

  1. It is YOUR poem. YOURS and no one else’s. His opinion is HIS only. You love your work and that is all that matters. So thank your critics and then move forward. Don’t think about it again. Keep writing. Write for you. Share your work if that is your desire. But don’t let anyone cast a shadow over your the love you pour into it.
    PS – I’m also on the other site 😉

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