Tentative Hire

I went to the interview. I think some other employers called me today too, but they didn’t bother leaving a message. Not leaving a message must be a new thing. I didn’t bother calling them back either. I figured if they didn’t leave a message, then they weren’t too keen on hiring me.

I think one of them was Wally World. I have no problem working at Wally World, but it’s seven miles away. I have to make decisions that don’t include the need for a reliable vehicle. Not that I don’t think I’ll get my car back on the road. I do, but if it ever breaks down again, I don’t want to have a job that’s too far to walk to. I can walk one mile or three miles. Seven miles is a bit much. 

I haven’t had time to check the sensors on the car. I have to finish the rest of my at-home work right now. Tomorrow I’m to go out and check that 02 sensor and the camshaft position sensor. I am praying to the Heavenly Father that it’s NOT the camshaft position sensor. I know where it is, and if I have to replace it, I have to take off the Serpentine belt and remove the power steering pulley, pump, etc. It’s a HUGE pain in the butt. I am hoping it’s the easily accessible 02 sensor…you know, the bank 1 one. Either one of those things I just mentioned OR the EGR valve would make my car do what’s it’s doing, which is a fluctuating idle and hesitation upon acceleration. Everyone who has listened to it has agreed that the issue is something minor like that. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is. The EGR could have died while it was sitting in a box while I had the motor torn apart. The o2 could have died when that man separated it for me. The CPS could just need to be changed from age. You’re supposed to change them after 100,000, miles. A bad ignition switch could make the car do the same exact thing, and that year and model Chevy had a batch of bad ignition switches. Now, it never gave me any trouble before, but everything changes once you dismantle a motor and then put it back together. Stuff starts to get finicky. 

Ignition switches are a pain to replace. I can get GM to do it, though.

We’ll see. I went to the job interview. It was pretty laid back. I mean, I already know what the job entails. The job entails the same thing I’ve been doing my whole life: ring up the products, help the people, try to give good customer service, sell stuff, etc. They already have a good manager and assistant manager. They just need some regular workers who are going to be reliable. That’s me. I don’t desire to be a manager because it’s just too much. I don’t think managers can have scheduling restrictions and such anyway.

I just want to see how it goes.  Start small, and if they like my work and want to give me more hours, responsibility, etc. then cool. First, let’s see how my health goes and if I get along with the staff and whatnot. Everybody seems cool at first. It’s not until about 30-90 days into that you really find out what’s what.

I think I’ll be okay. I have a tentative hire, so they have to do a background check and such. 

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