The noise of machinery in dentist clinic gives me chill, its sounds like you are in some mechanical workshop couple of years ago I had a root canal of my tooth. Now another tooth is get exposed and decayed and get qualified for root canal. Doctor told me your tooth is 75 percent decayed only filling will not going to be very beneficial. So have to plant some spot in and put artificial cap on top of that.
And I have decided to replace old tooth filling with same treatment so it’s going to take some weeks and plenty of money.
My first appointment with doctor is on Wednesday morning 10 am. I still remember the pain of last root canal. I haven’t tell about this in my family and I guess I am not going to tell either. My mom tends to take so much tension and all. Oh Lord make this process smooth and pain bearable.
Human body is the most precious thing in this world so take care of yourselves (mind, body & soul) from now on I am going to get my teeth checked every 3 months

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