He was really drunk last night.  I’ve discovered that liquor tends to bring out the truth in people when they’re drunk.  He said some things about me and us that I didn’t realize he felt.  He does want to be with me and long term.  Thankfully he passed out sometime between 9 and 10 last night and slept it off.  He started acting he was going to start fighting again but when I went to take a bath he came in and apologized.  I’ve never seen him act like this before when he was drunk.  It really scared me.  He was so upset because that guy that promised an interview and said he’d call him yesterday morning and didn’t.  The one time they did speak around 2 or so he didn’t say anything.  At almost 5 he called him and told him he had hired someone else.  I agree that was really rude.  Unfortunately he took it out on me.  I pray that nobody called the office and complain about us fighting.  It could get us thrown out. 

I’ve put up with so much out of him.  He doesn’t realize it.  Messing up the bed and having to change sheets twice during the night.  His memory lapses. (He jumped back from me last night and accused me of asking him to burn me with his cigarette, which I didn’t)  Him being   squirrelly and changing his mind all the time.  I’ve stuck by him only for him to lose interest sexually in me.  I don’t know what to do or think.  As time goes on I keep thinking his sex drive will return but it doesn’t.  I keep telling me it’s because he’s stressed out.  I tried to initiate sex with him and he got the hand job and I barely got anything.  I didn’t even get to  come too.  What do I do to catch his attention other than moving out and us being apart for some time.  Only thing is I’m afraid he’ll go back to the bitch and I’ll never get him back.  Anybody got any bright ideas?

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