I think he is someone who should be loved. He is someone who is strong enough on his own, but would like a partner. 

He understands having to put himself first as an individual. 

No matter what I hope he’ll be okay in this life. I hope he’ll carry himself the best he can in difficult or trying times.

He’s not sweet in the ways I always wanted from someone.

He’s a practical kind of sweet. He does logical sweet things. 

He is insensitive.

Im not sure what hes trying to do with his life because he isn’t very clear with me. 

I got into a car accident recently and he drove over after the second time I called him. 

He wants me to be selfish with him. But hes not reassuring enough me to say “He’s mine.” happily. 

I like him anyway, always knowing he was like this. 

There is a lot I wish I could write and say to him. 

He told me a relationship should be equal on my birthday. He mentioned the signs of a relationship and what he’d like. 

But he makes me feel too insecure to take any steps. He makes me happy.

But the insecruity he instills in me paralyzes me. 

But my head has been cloudy.


I love him. 

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  1. But the insecruity he instills in me paralyzes me – Love this truth….True for so many!

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