Family Drama…

I honestly do not know my ex husband’s new wife very much. However, I do pray for her safety and happiness. You may wonder why safety. My ex husband was mentally and physically abusive. He had taken his fists previously and beat me in the head. He went around telling my family that we were so broke that he had to eat dog food. He would tell me on a consistent basis if I left him that he would commit suicide. He treated me like I was an incompetent idiot. He tries to manipulate things in his life to make it where it’s always someone else fault. Will he do it again? Do I tell her how bad he was? I guess I might be labeled as the crazy ex wife. It’s affirming to have my husband see his crazy behavior. My husband now marks it down as it’s Just Him.

After we were divorced, my ex husband called me needing help. He never changed his address with his employer. They were requiring everyone to have their home inspected before being able to return to insure they had no bed bugs. My house was turned upside down. He got his clearance to return to work. Time passes and guess what. They want another inspection of my home. I am like what why. He confessed to me at this point he had bed bugs in his apartment. He lied. He lied to me. He lied to his employer. He eventually lost his job. However, he thinks it is outrageous they fired him. They didn’t fire him for the bed bugs but for lying. He handles personal data and it’s a trust matter. However, he only sees that they wrongfully terminated him.

Again, I do not know her. However, I am suspicious that he is using her. They just bought a condo together. She took the money from her late husband’s insurance policy to buy it for them. Her late husband had only been dead 2 months prior to their wedding. My ex husband is on her insurance that she pays. They even bought new furniture for their new home. My grandson tells me they go shopping a lot. My ex is getting the life he likes. My ex does not have to pay that much on bills. She does the housework and works.

My prayer for her is safety and happiness.

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