As Queen Ru Once Said 

“If you don’t love yourself        
                   how in the hell you gonna love somebody
“If you don’t love yourself                                         
                 how can someone else love you? 

Self love is the hardest cruelest kind of love. 
You can bash yourself for someone leaving you or not wanting to be with you thats bad enough. But not loving yourself. Well talk about falling asleep to a nightmare and waking back up to one.

Why is it so easy to look at someone else and think so highly  of them and compare another being and think so poorly of ourselves.  

We’re all so unique and excel in different parts of life. We all struggle and hit rock bottom at different depths. Thats a part of what makes us UNIQUE and DIFFERENT. 

So when it comes to self development, why is it so hard to love your own birth mark?
                   Meaning traits. Goofy characteristics. Un-social norms, that annoying catch phrase you say even if it doesn’t make sense? yeah moe-moe. thats you. rock yo0-shit. strut yo stuff. 

                   I will forever bounce between decades and mix lingo like i’m sir mix-a lot. 

Being me behind a illuminated laptop screen vs. who i am in public. I don’t love myself enough to just be me. and not care and just be happy. 

when can i let happiness in and love myself.

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