First entry, the future…

This is my first entry on here. Yet another of my online journals has gone away. I don’t know how much trust I should put into these journals anymore. Perhaps, I should just go back to handwriting it in a book in pencil like I always had before.


I have to make some calls today about Momo, our Calico Kitty female. I received a letter in the post concerning her health report card from when we took her to get her exam and vaccs nearly two weeks ago. Everything with her is great except her thyroid. I have to sit down today at length and talk with her Veterinary Doctor to discuss what needs to be done next, as well as dietary issues and so forth. We also need to call the law firm today to discuss our insurance settlement issue.


In September we have our mediation setup, and it shall be resolved then. For now though, we have these six months in between to wait from now until then. We shall be getting a used motorhome when we have out settlement, and we are moving to northeastern California. We want to be in the country with our babies (Cats). We will live in our motorhome for one year, and we will get in touch with a mortgage broker at the start of that year, after September. Then, we’re going to get into our farmhouse with some land to have animals upon, and to grown our own food and that as they say shall be that.


For now though, all we have to do is pay off our debts and start putting some monies aside and saving as much as we can. All the debts we have can be paid in a month’s worth of wages. There is nothing after the Lord and my Wife that can get in our way of what we want for ourselves. Our babies are being watched by our Son and his Girlfriend. We have one female and two males. We just lost our other female on 04, Sunday February. I am still grieving over Kina. I’d had her for 14 years and two months. She was a special kitty. I had her cremated privately and her ashes returned to me. She loved my Wife from the first time that she laid eyes upon her. It’s hard for me to talk about Kina like this so, I will refrain from it right now.


My Wife’s Birthday is next month, and I am just now making plans to get something put together for her. I am thinking of going to a really nice restaurant and perhaps a movie afterwards. I want to get her a nice robe, something perhaps in silk. She needs some undergarments as well and some blouses so, somewhere in  there  as well is the present that I’d like to get her. We’ve been married for three years now going onto the fourth in January.




2 thoughts on “First entry, the future…”

  1. Aww what a great kitty picture. Hope your fur baby is ok.

  2. Thank you Cat Mom. Momo, should be fine. We’ll get her medicine for her next week. She has an option to do a radiation thing, (It’s a benign tumor) however that’s $1,000. We’ll see where she’s at. I have no qualms about doing that.

    Have a great day,

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