March 27, 2018

I’m trying this place out since PB is closing. I’m incredibly sad about that. When OD closed down, I lost quite a few “friends” and I’m afraid the same is going to happen now that PB is closing. 

I received an email yesterday saying that $618 was sent to me from this drone company to refund my order. Since I have never purchased a drone or even heard about this company, I was suspicious. I looked at the header information, and it appeared to be a valid PayPal address. I then went to my web browser and entered Paypal’s address, and indeed, over $618 was in my account. I sent an email to the company letting them know they sent it to the wrong address, and today, I finally figured out how to decline the money. I feel better now that it’s gone. I swear I’m tempted to change my gmail address. That’s the address I give out to companies I purchase from, but I receive more emails for people who apparently don’t know their own account and give mine instead. I tried to help a guy out by letting him know he’d purchased something using my email address, and he was such a jerk. 

Finally got some sleep last night. Apparently my body isn’t used to getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep because although I fell asleep shortly after 11pm, I kept waking up, thinking it was time to get up. I woke up just before 7am freezing. Yesterday, I woke up all sweaty. Same covers. Some clothes. No idea why.

I have a meeting in a couple hours with my boss. It always makes me nervous when there is a meeting scheduled and I don’t know what the agenda is. She’s having one with about 10 of us today, so I’m not the only one. I’ll bet it doesn’t start on time and that I’m sitting here waiting, wondering when she’s going to call. Last time I waited a half hour before I sent her a text asking if we were still meeting.

3 thoughts on “March 27, 2018”

  1. I came here after reading SimpleMind’s update. Once he started getting too quiet, it was memories of OD. I don’t want to go back to OD just out of principle. So I’m kicking tires here, and over at (which seems like a ghost town compared to even tiny Prosebox!)

  2. Im here from PB testing out this place. So far, so good. Hope the meeting with your boss went ok.

  3. “RYN” – overnight, they closed the privacy loop with the email addresses, so that’s a plus. Apparently multiple people have shown interest in taking over PB from Simple Mind, hopefully all this testing of waters becomes unnecessary. I’ll stay over there until the lights go out. I’m on DE as well… just in case!

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