Current Feelings

Orange is such a happy color, it goes perfectly with my current feelings. I’ll keep this color for the remainder of this page. I can not express how happy I am. Bradford, my current love is amazing. Hes tall, of course white because everyone knows I love me my light skins. He’s generous and loving which is why I’m in love. He makes me see a future, with him. I love picturing my future. Seems subtle yet amazing. I come home from work and I immediately want to feel his warmth. It’s been five years and it was the roughest trains I’ve ever ridden. It was worth the tears and scars. He caught my tears and healed my scars. He’s a much better person over all and I’m proud. Proud to say he’s the second man I’ve fallen in love with…… my dad is first. I can’t wait to create a child with this man. Our own life that we get to control. Sounds like a stupid thing to say, but It’s what’s true. My life is better with him in it. Without him I’m broken.

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