First journal!

I have to admit that this is my second journal. My first one is set to private and I plan to share this one. Why? Because I am very wise in my old age. I sit back and observe everything…..very analytical and practical in ways of the world. SO here I am! I want to talk about something that has been bombarding Facebook pages for some time now. Texans are trying to legalize the use of marijuana! Doing lot’s of campaigning and walks to try and open people’s minds. 

My view on the subject has always been the same. How can a plant be illegal? God gave us this wonderful “weed” because he knew that we all needed it to deal with all the BS going on in our lives, and in the entire world! And if it were legal nationwide……we wouldn’t be in debt. The few states that have already legalized it are making millions of dollars. It is being used for education, taking care of roads, and everything in general. I have been smoking it for 55 years and I am fine! 

In closing, my perfect world would be that marijuana is legal and alcohol would be banned for ever!!! THOUGHTS?!?

2 thoughts on “First journal!”

  1. It’s supposed to be nationally legalized in Canada this summer. Enough with the phony “war” on weed. The arguments against legalization are so very weak and Reefer Madness-based.

  2. My husband takes medical cannabis for his anxiety and PTSD. It has helped him a great deal. He now uses CBD oil for his neck and back pain and has able to start taking walks with me every evening. He used to take gabapentinin and it made him a zombie. So he weaned himself off and is doing the CBD instead.

    I think it should be legalized. The reason the government is dragging their feet is because drug companies that produce these garbage opioids are making billions of dollars and the politicians are most likely getting kick backs from it as long as they keep the “evil pot” illegal. Enough already.

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