My power got shut off

So here I am, in the dark. I have to pay $172.00 dollars and I’m $30.00 dollars short. Great! Just wonderful! I was told that I had until today to make my payment of $42.00 dollars to keep them from shutting it off. Nope!!

So I paid them their $42.00 dollars and got the fuck you treatment.

I have a check for $122.000 dollars that I need to cash but it isn’t enough.

I asked my mom if she could help and she told me to fuck off. Thanks mom. 

One good thing did happen. This cute redhead that I messaged on plenty of shit replied back to my message. She’s fucking adorable. Did I mention the redhead part? The downside is that she’s 95 miles away, or two hours if you want to go by time. Time or miles? When I look at the miles it isn’t that bad. I’d drive the two hours to see her.

She doesn’t want a relationship, but she keeps posting those love me memes. Like the ones tgat talk about how they want a guy who’ll brush their hair and tell them that they’e bbeautiful, while feeding them tacos. That’s what I want but it’s never there. I’m close, but I’m not. Do you know what I mean?

Who knows where this will to and IF it goes anywhere. Her Facebook friends look scary. I asked her if me being NOT WHITE was an issue. Apparently it isn’t but know how those central state girls are. Always KKK and white power. I hope I don’t get killed visiting her.

She’s 20 and in college. I’m 33 and that didn’t bother her so let’s see where this goes.

I like her based on her looks, but she doesn’t want a relationship. So does this mean we’ll have sex? I haven’t had sex since my ex and that was like back in 2007. I’ ttotally have sex with her. Not my ex, the redhead. How do you get someone to fall in love with you?

I’m hurt. I’m confused. Prosebox is dead even though there’s a possibility that it’s not but you never know. I’m so emotionally drained.

I need a hug. Preferably from that beautiful redhead. She has a really cute style and gages in her ears. They’re small though.

I creeped around Facebook and saw some of her exes. Well, at least I’m not THAT bad looking. A bit weird but I do look somewhat good. I think… 

Fuck! What do I do?! 

She doesn’t even like cats! 

Remember that job promotion I wrote about? I got called into the office to talk about it. I told them that I’d be interested in it but that I can’t come in at 7 am. I just can’t! I have my cleaning business and I don’t get done until 3 am or 6 am. So I may not get it.

I completely forgot that today was payday. I’ll be able to turn my power back on.

Why are girls so fucking confusing?! Us guys will never understand them. 

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  1. RYN – a privacy tweak was made overnight, no more “editing” comments or displaying of email addresses. On this site, we need to “RYN” like the old “OD Plus” days. Several people have reached out in taking over PB. I’ll be there til the lights go out.

  2. Sorry you’re left in the dark. Nice cat pic, though.

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