Finally Friday!

Finally Friday and payday. It’s like a Graveyard in here! Ugh. I wish I taken the day off too, it’s so nice out, that’s ok, I have very little time left that isn’t spoken for already so need to do my best to just enjoy and look forward to the time I have coming up off. 

My trips coming up are over Memorial Day and then the 4th of July. Can’t wait for that. Can’t wait for summer hours to start at work, that means leaving most Friday’s at noon. Sometimes can’t get them all, but you can mostly get every one, as everyone else is doing the same thing. 

Over Memorial Day we are going to the Indy 500, I haven’t ever been but looking forward to it. Over the fourth we’re going down south in our travel trailer, should be fun. 

3 thoughts on “Finally Friday!”

  1. Hey you still write on here? I did try the stupid OD trial diary thing there. Not gonna continue on subscribing there. Especially since if you call both my two former enemies write there. And plus my two OD enemies reads one another there too. Although both above enemies have also tried to get me to add them to my faves and friends list. I am like no way Jose

  2. Oh I posted some newer entries on here I think I will write in here or Prosebox at least these two sites are free and don’t charge a cent to express my thoughts

  3. Don’t really write on here much.. no one was really reading. Yes I saw Jody was writing there again. I don’t even write at OD..

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