I’ve decided to give Ian a couple of weeks after we get to Phoenix.  I figure he will have left me by then for someone else.  He may have a girlfriend there already.  I can leave and go back to Dallas.  I’ll have to live on the streets because I can’t afford to put a roof over my head.  Maybe I can spend a few nights at a KOA campground.  I guess mom knew all along that I’d end up on the streets eventually….guess she was right about me, I’m nothing but a piece of trash to be thrown out.  I must deserve this or it wouldn’t be happening to me.  I’m so stupid for hoping for a better life somewhere else, with someone.  I’ve always hoped and wished for a man who truly loved me for me and liked the way I looked.  I’ve been with Ian for 2 and a half months only to……i can’t go on.

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