One of those days! 

Damn! I feel lonely sometimes. 

I miss the touch of a man. It’s been 3 years since I haven’t had sex. I didn’t miss it so much until last month. Guess, my body is asking for it! We are all human and we need adult company sometimes. 

The only person I interact with is my son and my mom and dad. The reason was to basically cut off people from my life and to never want to date again because I have been hurt too much. I’m scared to let anybody in my heart. I could go out and find a casual date just to mess with but I’d feel like shit after I come home. I am not that woman but for once I want to be. But no! As tempting as it sounds, I’m going to regret that later. I can’t just fuck around, and I don’t want a relationship. My head is starting to be Fucked up like I don’t know what I want. 

I just feel  lonely. 

I see all these couples and feel very sad sometimes because I could have had the same joy of sharing my life with someone, hadnt they not cheated! 

I miss those days!

God!  I miss being close to a man and making love to him and sharing my life with him!

Single life isn’t so bad. 

But having someone sometimes wouldn’t be so bad either.


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