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Before I start with this entry just to take note that Peanutsmom123 isnt a diarist here on Goodnight Journal or on any other diary site on the net but who is an actual friend of mine whom I have met online and was befriended by from Instagram since 2016. Theres a long explainatory background history I have to explain which would help get you to understand how it eventually led  to my association with Peanutsmom123 and some of her family.

Anyhow on my last entry I was talking about the topic of You Tube Family Vloggers and where I also mentioned a family vlog named Bratayley , which is in no doubt is a very highly popular family vlog channel. During my years of watching Bratayley from 2012 -2017 the Bratayley Family had introduced many viewers to the gym friends of their eldest daughter Annie  who was a gymnast for many years  since the age of 2 until last year. Anyhow,  in many of Bratayleys vlogs they would show their now first eldest daughter’s Annies now former gym teamates formerly known as the Coral Girls. If your wondering what I meant by “now eldest daughter” I will explain why. The Bratayley family originally had three Children, a son  named Caleb and 2 daughters named Annie and Hayley. Caleb suddenlly died back in 2015 due to a undetected heart condition, so now there are just two of the Bratayley children.The  Bratayleys basically had shared so much of their lives on you tube where each of their viewers got to know every single person they were in contact with to the point where they seemingly not only had become a daily household name, but each person that  they  the Bratayleys  had introduced the viewers  to, such as members of the Coral Girls ,  who had eventually ended up creating you tube channels of their own. This in no doubt had caused thousands and millions of viewers to tune  and subscribe to the Coral Girls. One of the prominent members of the Coral Girls was Peanut in which I will explain a bit later in the story as to who she is and as to where my meeting with Peanutsmom123 seems to fall into this scenario. Keep reading and you shall find out.

One of the folks Bratayley had introduced the viewers  to was Peanut she was a former gym team mate of the daughter Annie from Bratayley. Peanut of course. is not really her actual name but in either case who is a very talented  very petite cute Molly Ringwald lookalike gymnast.  Peanut of course still is a gymnast and who is now 15 years old. Peanut also has an instagram account and a You Tube channel too.

Flash forward to the summer of 2016 :

I would say around August of that same year where one day I was like browsing on the latest photo posts on Instagram. As I was browsing through the photo postings I had come across   a photo of Peanut taken with some of her gym friends and so forth so as I was reading the comments about the above mentioned photo. I was pretty shocked and surprised to see that there some kids on there who were posting really stupid comments and such to the point where they were questioning Peanuts sexuality due to her having had a really short dark strawberry blonde, bob of a hair style , which resembled a very young version of actress Molly Ringwald. Plus also due to Peanut being a trained proffessional gymnast whos been training since the age of two, she of course also had a very small petite gymnast body, which of course nothing is wrong with that to begin with. Although, it also gathered some stupid kids to just plainly cyberbully Peanut altogether. I of course seeing all  the moronic comments about Peanut kind of got me pissed off.  Especially  idiotic comments from so called idiotic kids who were supposed to be fans of Peanut. So I in turn wrote one loooooong assed tangent giving a piece of my mind to the so called idiot kids in defense  for Peanut. Mind you I cant recall what exactly I had said  in my tangent but it certainly had grabbed the attention of Peanuts mom. Peanuts mom was not only very touched and was an awe by what I had said in defense  for her daughter but she was also extremely thankful as well where she even wrote me back a very long message thanking me etc. Peanuts mom also has an instagram account known as Peanutsmom123. I have asked Peanutsmom123 if we can be friends and such in which she was more than happy to be especially after what I had done for her daughter Peanut who is also the youngest child in the family. I thought it was pretty awesome in general to be friends with a parent of someone whom I was familliar with from You Tube considering I never thought it would of ever happened nor did I ever had expected it either. However, if Peanutsmom123 ever read this I also wanted to remind her which I also even mentioned to her, that I still would not only  would have defended her daughter Peanut online from those stupid kids online, but also would have been friends with her(Peanutsmom123) even if I had never had heard about her daughter Peanut. Another cool thing about my association with Peanutsmom123 and her family is that I also learned that Peanut had really loved my old late cat Scampie. I recall Peanutsmom123 mentioning to me that her daughter Peanut had said that Scampie looked and acted more like an actual human being than an actual cat. I was not surprised because Scampie was such a very very unique  much loved cat who had managed to establish an extremely large fan following from all ages alike during his 15 year life.  Unfortunately, when Scampie had to be put down I remember having to break the news to Peanutsmom123 who was also a fan of Scampie as well, she like alot of others were just extremely devestated after learning the loss of Scampie, that she herself had to take a few days to find a way to break the bad news of Scampies passing to her daughter Peanut. What touched me also is when after Scampie had died  Peanutsmom123 had mentioned to me that her daughter Peanut was pretty worried about me and had said to her mum the following, “I want to go see Ms.Marina to see if she is ok”. Again I was very touched how a young girl whom I had never met in my life, a teenager who really cared about the well being of their elders.  Again I am very touched because not many teenagers today display such maturity as explained above.I commend  Peanutsmom123 for teaching and raising her daughter Peanut properly in otherwords the old school parenting where so many parents of today just seem to lack. I recall my even mentioning to Peanutsmom123 how I felt she did a very good job raising her daughter Peanut as well. Unfortunately Peanut was not able to personally come by my place check on me after Scampie had died because at first she was unaware that I lived in Canada.

Flashforward to the Present:

I am still continually friends with PeanutsMom123 since 2016 . We have exchanged home addresses and cell phone numbers and we text one another as well …well me more than she does due to her extremely busy schedule. What I have learned about Peanutsmom123  is that she is a very humble pretty easygoing pleasant person, who is obviously is a very good mum to all of her three children. Peanutsmom123 is also in her mid 50s a retired RN. who also is from the Eastern part of the USA. And yes I gather that Peanutsmom123 is kind of a pretty private person as well. Alot of  the time Peanutsmom123 spends driving Peanut back and forth everyday to gym or dance classes, while juggling other family responsibilities with her two older Children.  But hey I guess thats family life for ya. Last Christmas was my first time having sent Peanutsmom123 and her family a Christmas card which I do plan to continue in the following Christmases to come. This past Valentines Day I faced timed  for the very first time together with  Peanutsmom123 and her daughter Peanut.It was the first time seeing them as they truly are where they both proven to me that they are very decent people who I am glad and happy to continue knowing and to be friends with which I hope it continues. The coolest thing about my first Facetime session with both of the above individuals is I had asked Peanut if she still recalled my cat Scampie?And to this day she still does. Peanut says she finds my current cat Wikki very sweet but she REALLY LIKED Scampie MORE. not that I blame her either and I dont. I also found Peanutsmom123 a pleasure to chat with during my first Face Time session with her too. I have learned from Peanutsmom123 that her daughter Peanut had found me pretty likeable and who thought I was very nice.

I hope Peanutsmom123 still finds me likable and would still think of us as friends for years to come. I know she does find me to be very funny because of how I am pretty fussy with my food preferences just like her kids are but I am hoping she finds me pretty comical in general. I always ask her whats for dinner at her house tonight? Almost everything Peanutsmom123 cooks sounds pretty yummy  to me which makes me wish I was at her place at times because I HATE to COOK!

So in turn I hope one day I will fully meet the entire Peanutsmom123 family should we ever manage to find a way to do so. And in case your wondering I do know the real names of my above friends and whereabouts they are actually from but I decided to keep it private in respect for their privacy.

If you want to learn about my friend Peanutsmom123 on instagram just follow her there to say hello. I am sure she will be pleased to hear a friendly hello from any one of you via direct message OR via a comment feed on her photo posts. Most of her photo posts is about her youngest daughter Peanut which is understandable because she is very proud of her daughters  gymnastics accomplishments and I know she is just as proud of her two older children too.

So in turn I guess it can pay being a You Tube  vlogger which I also have been since 2013 but  sometimes being the above can also bring good things out of it when you least expect it. Whether or not I was ever a you tube vlogger I still am glad I have come to associate myself  with Peanutsmom123 and her youngest daughter Peanut and would have done so no matter what.

I may show this entry to Peanutsmom123 in which I hope she will enjoy reading what I had to say. And if she does I will let you know


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