I can’t do this any more.   He peed the bed for the second time in 3 days because he was too drunk to wake up.   We can’t wash the sheets until tomorrow and he’ll expect me to pay for it when he has plenty of money.   God forbid he take responsibility for it.   I asked him how much he loved me. …please back off the drinking,  that I couldn’t handle him or his drinking any more.   He just said the stress that caused it left town.   But I know he will turn it on me eventually.   I want to leave so bad but I don’t have the money.   I’d have to live on the streets with my therapy cat.  The temps have been in the 100’s since we got here.  He got mad at me for trying to go to bed at 9 when that’s the time I’ve always gone to bed since we started seeing each other.  Except for when we fight and it’s usually 2 am before he passes out and I usually get woken up at 630 0r 7 am.   When he’s drinking I’m lucky to get any sleep at all.   I should have dumped him months ago. 

I look like I’ve got 2 black eyes and have since our big fight several days ago.   I don’t remember him hitting me but I have have had a big knot on my head since.   He blames me because he says its my fault he pushed me on the bed,  wrenched my back and pulled me off onto the floor.

He just picked another fight.  He started shit because I was watching TV and he thought I was looking at him.  I can’t even watch TV any more.   I just came out to the car.   I guess I’ll have to sleep out here tonight provided security doesn’t run me off.

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