[287] ~*Tue – 06/12/18*~

[1:09 pm]

Arg! I can never take time off at the store without a guilt trip. This is getting very annoying. I have next Mon booked off cause I’m going camping but on the Tue I’m actually going to the dentist but I pretended I was going on the Mon so the manager wouldn’t bitch at me for taking the Mon off for camping. Today she texted me asking me to please change my dentist apt cause she needed me that evening to close the store. What?! I can’t just change my apt like I change underwear. It took me five months for the apt, I’m not changing it. Technically the apt is only on the Tue but I have a cottage booked off and I can’t cancel that cause I would lose $200 as their policy is you need to cancel a month ahead. I can’t tell the manager I’m going camping cause she’s gonna say I lied about my dentist apt but I still have one on Tue. I’m just so damn fed up with the store. I wasn’t supposed to work last night but yet I went in cause the assistant manager hurt herself on Sun. I’m always helping when I can and there’s only so much I can do. She bitches and complains to me that she’ll be stuck working a full day or six days a week. I work full days all the damn time and no one pity me and I work six days a week every damn week. I mean, if she would be talking about a full day shift but she’s talking about me going in for a damn three hours. This is ridiculous. I’m not changing all my plans for a three hours. My day at my main job is already cancelled, I’m not gonna lose an extra day for three fucking hours. I’m just so fucking mad right now and you can tell cause I’m swearing. Every single time I take some time off, she asks me to change my time for some reason or another. She will be pissed off again cause I’ll be asking to be done work earlier on Sun July 22 cause I have plans that evening. At this point, I don’t care. I’m allowed to have a life. I have worked my butt off for the past 10 yrs without really asking any extra time off at any jobs, I think I deserve to enjoy myself a bit. Like I’ve said before, I’ve come to realize that if I wait until I’m retired to do things, I’ll be too old to really enjoy them.

So yea, my plan was to sleep until at least 3 pm today but I was out of bed at noon cause I looked at my phone and saw her text. I called my friend to ask her what I should tell her cause I didn’t wanted to let her know I’m going camping but I obviously didn’t wanted to do the shift. I told her I was deeply sorry but I couldn’t help this time, took me five months to get the apt and I couldn’t wait another five. Wish I didn’t have to deal with her before I leave next Mon but I’ll more than likely be working with her next Sun. Bleh!

I have to either clean the suggies cage today or mow the lawn. That’s what I want to accomplish in the next two days but I’m not sure which one I want to do today. I think I will go with the cage and mow the front lawn before my client tomorrow and the back after. Since I’m up earlier, I might be able to mow some today but I doubt I’ll feel like doing it. We shall see how the day go. This whole store thing just got me in a very bad mood. I’m just so surprised I’m actually up right now and not tired cause I ended up texting someone from 10 pm to like 2:30 am last night. At the end my eyes were closing. I didn’t even have time to read, I was too tired to do it. So I really didn’t think I’d be up this early but glad I am. Now I just need to get in the mood to clean. Hub was still up when I got up but he went to bed so that’s good as I get very overwhelmed and pissed off when he’s up on the PC and I am stuck cleaning the suggies cage. If he’s in bed, I don’t mind as much. 

It’s driving me crazy though cause I hate how I’m not gonna help. I really don’t like saying no to people but I need to think about me. I always telling others that they need to think about themselves sometimes so I need to follow my own advise. It’s not like I always say no, I helped out last night and last week when she had asked me to work on the Thu’s night and said no cause I was working at my other job, I actually suggested to her that I could try to move a client to see if I could make it happen but she had already found someone to help out. So I do try to help the best I can.

Anyways, I was gonna write an entry last night but ended up chit chatting with that person on the phone so I didn’t get to write in the end. My fist client ended up cancelling so I was able to sleep in and even with that extra three hours, I manged to snooze again. Arg! I never ever used to snooze and now I’m always doing it. This is why I’m shocked to be out of bed right now as I’ve been having a real hard time for like the past week. I went out with my second client and my last one also cancelled so I picked up my friend and we went to the Casino. I managed to lose $20 cause I felt like the machine wanted to give me the bonus but it just teased me and never did. My friend made $20 with her free movie, darn it! She gave it to me cause she owed me some money and then she gave me another $25 so she owes me $60. Really she owes me hundreds of dollars but I don’t really count all of that. I just want her to start repaying me what I gave her this year. She’s been doing good at repaying me, I’m surprised but happy. I didn’t expect her to give me any money.

After the Casino I went to work at the store. The other girl was done when I got there and this is what pisses me off. The other girl had started at 10 am so really, she would of worked an hour less than me if she would of done the whole shift. Why is it not okay for them to work a whole darn day but it is for me?! The manager always feels bad to make someone from the store work the whole day but yet she has no problems what so ever about me working my other job all day and then coming to the store for three hours just to do the closing. I know I was lucky and got some cancellation so technically I didn’t work all day but I’m not always that lucky. It just seems like she doesn’t care that I work non stop but yet she doesn’t want to impose that on the others. Blah again!

Alright, enough about writing. I’ll be watching a show and then I shall start my chores.




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