Tooty cooked fajitas tonight. The entire house smelled like them, in a good way. Omg they were soooooo good!! I swept & mopped some of the floors while she cooked, so that’s done until tomorrow, then I’ll do the other 2 floors. I swear if we don’t find a way to rehome these kittens I’m gonna lose my mind. I can’t sweep or mop without them being all under foot, can’t eat without them getting all in my face. I swear I can spray them with water out of a spray bottle a hundred times & they still come right back! I love them all to death, but there are just too many of them, so we have to do something. There’s a shelter about 20 minutes from here where they don’t euthanize any of them, but they adopt them out or keep them themselves. It’s kind of like a cat farm (lol) where they spay & neuter them all, & they have all kinds of room to roam, & toys all over the place, all that. We’re thinking that’s the way to go.

I was on a certain social media site earlier today, & there was an article someone had shared to the site, saying that addiction isn’t a disease but a choice. I got so mad when I read it. I commented that there is medical proof that addiction is in fact a disease, & a girl I know who used to be a crack head kept saying it’s a choice. It was all I could do not to tell her that yes, being that crack has no addictive properties & no physical withdrawals, that is indeed a choice. But opiates…..that’s a much different story.Wake up in the morning covered in sweat, with your stomach turning, going from freezing cold to feeling like it’s 100 degrees, your legs jerking on their own, feeling like there are bugs crawling on & under your skin, not able to get off the toilet & holding a trash can in front of you because it’s constantly coming out of one end or the other. Do all that, & then tell me it’s a choice. A friend of mine once hit the nail on the head. He said “the first time you use addictive drugs, you choose them, & from then on, that drug chooses you”. Crack is one of those things that you choose each & every time you use it. It never chooses you.

Anyway, I went to the doctor this past Thursday, & once again, that imbecile so called therapist told me that I had no suboxone in my urine. WTF????? I’m getting really tired of nhearing that. Not a day goes by that I don’t take my dose. I can’t figure that out. I’m really wondering if some of my other meds could be interfering with it somehow. That’s all that’s on my mind at the moment.

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