The Sweetest

Dear Diary,

Remember that I told you that a little while ago I wrote to my mother? In case you don’t remember that was in chapter eighteen. I told you that we aren’t really on speaking terms and all of that other stuff. Well anyways, she wrote me the other night. In my last letter I told her that one of the reasons that I hadn’t called is because my phone is off due to me not being able to pay the bills, but we could always write back and forth as much as we wanted. I hadn’t heard anything since then until yesterday when I check my e-mail and all that it says is for me to charge my phone and turn it on.

At first I thought that that was a little weird, but my mother has rarely steered me wrong, so I did it, and lo and behold I discovered that the bill had been paid and my phone is now in working condition again. All that I could do was smile from ear to ear, and gush about how sweet the whole thing was. I texted her to tell her how thankful and appreciative I was and am and plan to call her this weekend to hear her voice again for the first time in three months! I never asked her to do that, but the fact that she did means that absolute world to me. It was so sweet, and somehow this gesture restored my faith in her and in our relationship.

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