Do You Have Peace?

Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.

When the disciples thought they were about to die. Jesus speaks to the storm: “Peace be still”. Right into the very heart of fear – Jesus speaks peace.

Jesus is all about peace. His very nature is to bring restoration and peace into every situation. Jesus death and resurrection declared, “Peace be still” to the sin, shame and demonic powers that were the storm around us. His sacrifice stilled the waves and brought us peace. God has overcome through Jesus and we can know the Lord of Peace in any and every situation.

We have been given authority “Peace, be Still” where peace is lacking. As you pray for your day ahead, may you be filled with peace from the Lord of Peace and as He gives of himself may you be positioned to give it away.

Lord of Peace, I come to you as all I need. You are my anchor and my safe hiding place. Through you I have peace. May I know, live and give away your peace today. For your glory, I ask. AMEN.

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