Morning, I’d like to thank those of you who left comments on my first entry yesterday. I means a lot to know that I am supported online. I’d like to start with my first problem in this entry (I’m going to try to write an entry everyday). 

My first problem that I’m worrying about is legal things with my birth dad. I’m trying to get adopted by my step dad so that I can have his last name so we payed a woman who is an “expert” in this an amount of $2,986 to help us with this case. My birth dad said he’d sign over his rights IF we could get his missing child support forgiven. He owes over $6,000 to me and my mother. No judge in Mississippi let, alone in the south, would forgive that much money. So, when he found out that he wouldn’t be forgiven he started calling the lady. Calling her takes money out our deposit that we payed her. He called her till there was no more money in the deposit. So, we are in debt and I still have his last name. I hate him so the fact he won’t let me be happy hurts. He has made me feel worthless and like I’m nothing over the past 13 year’s. I have abandonment issues due to him leaving me when I was 5 and never coming back. I hate him and I never want anything to due with him. I need help with how I can get him out of my life and how I can change my last name. 

Thank you 


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